【Yami】6chain triple stitch skull leather key case ( 6連トリプルステッチスカルレザーキーケース)

【About the product】
Majestic Closet(マジェスティッククローゼット)のオリジナルブランド"Yami"からオーソドックスな6連キーケースのご紹介。黒をベースとして金のアクセントが優雅なキーケースとして仕上がっています。
Introduction of orthodox 6-key key case from original brand "Yami". The gold accents are finished as an elegant key case.

The side is finished with triple stitch hand sewn knitting.
In addition to improving durability, we are increasing the luxurious atmosphere.

There is a pocket with a card in it.
It can be used mediocrely, such as employee ID cards and credit cards, to enhance convenience.

The metal fittings used are "amllet" which is also frequently used for high brands.

On the back is a brand motif scull carved. It is a finish that can make luxury and outsider claims.

There are 6 key cases that can bundle a lot of keys and is convenient to use. Why do not you indulge in your everyday companion?

◆H 70mm × W 115mm × D 25mm


【How to order】
This item, will be custom made products. Produce in about one week after receiving your order, we will receive it within 2 weeks as a guide.
* Delivery time varies depending on the area from those who ordered from overseas.

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