【Yami】silver paisley skull ring

【About the product】
素材、製造は全て日本製、裏には「Made in japan」の文字が刻まれています。存在感を放つその指輪は、指元に視線を惹き付けることが出来るでしょう。

From the original brand "Yami" it is an introduction of Paisley skullring.
Ring that imaged "chaos". The handle carved in the skull motif is Paisley. Japanese "darkness" of the brand name, the inspiration obtained from it was dropped into the product.
Material, manufacture is made in Japan all. On the back is the letter "Made in japan" engraved. That ring that gives out the presence will be able to attract a gaze to the fingers.


¥ 20,000SOLD OUT


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