【Yami】 ”Waterproof” leather hooded jacket (防水レザーフードジャケット)

【About the product】
 Made in Japanですべてを生産する新ブランド「Yami(ヤミ)」より「Water proof leather hooded jacket防水レザージャケット) 」のご紹介です。
It is an introduction of "Water proof leather hooded jacket" from the new brand "Yami" which produces everything in Made in Japan.

This brand inspires the high brand and makes it tight sizing. However, it is finished in a silhouette that is easy to move.I made it so that it will not cause problems even in rush and riding a motorcycle situations.

The material is not problematic even if it gets wet in the water all day, we use waterproof leather of powerful military spec. For that reason, even if texture comes out due to injured place or aging, it will be a leather of superior functionality to maintain waterproof for a long time.

【Product details】
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【Model wear size】
Model height:170cm
Model body weight:68kg
Model wear size:M

【Production / shipment(制作・発送)】
This item is made to order. We start producing works after purchasing products, and we are delivering "1 month - 1 month and a half" as a guide.



¥ 120,000

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