【Yami】 black skull shirt

【About the product】
 タフな機能性と共にハイエンドな雰囲気に拘り、Made in Japanですべてを生産する新ブランド「"Yami"」より「black shirt 」のご紹介です。生地は変化や劣化に強い強靭な布を使用しています。

 In keeping with the tough functionality and high-end atmosphere, it is an introduction of "black shirt" from the new brand "Yami" that produces everything with Made in Japan.
 The fabric uses a strong cloth resistant to change and deterioration.


Detail is an antique style.For the clothes, buttons and metal skulls according to the atmosphere, embroidery on the back right shoulder.
The waist is narrowed down and a beautiful silhouette. Not only for motorcycle riding but also for night scenes, I want to wear it hard, it is a dark shirt.

【Bland concept】

 Brand "Yami" inspired by experiences that always went on a motorcycle with fashion. "Dark and high-end" clothes concept. 
 Products produced by Japanese craftsmen are wearing a high-end atmosphere together with toughness which is no problem even in a hard environment.

▼About ”Yami”


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